Rex bird

Hightstown, New jersey, United States

Currently available: 1

Breed: Other

Gender: Female


Hatch date 10/16/2004 Rex is a beautiful, male(DNA tested), Catalina Macaw. He is hand tame, but prefers to be handled by women over men. He is a Large bird, so IS very loud at times, but not aggressive. Says some words, knows his name and will even wave . He is good around other birds, but doesn't like them on or near his cage. Has been around cats, and dogs, and is good with them. He has not been around small children, but older ones he is ok with . Will climb down off cage and walk around on the floor occasionally, so needs supervision when out of cage. Needs to be in a home with large bird experience , will NOT adopt to apartment, condo , or townhouse residence. Location: Leonardo NJ If you are interested in adoption please fill our adoption application out at


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